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Building up traffic on your blog requires consistency, patience and a willingness to try different strategies. Here are the four posts I've written for my blog traffic series. If you have any questions, use the comment section at the end of each post.

6 Ways To Get More Blog Traffic By Thinking Outside The Box

Sure, the ‘tried and true’ methods work but don’t dismiss some ‘outside the box’ ways of to get more blog traffic. A couple of days ago I wrote a post about why you’re not getting blog traffic and the feedback was great. I decided to write a follow-up and include some not-so-common methods of building blog traffic. 1. Use another form of media Using written words to publish a blog post may be the most common way, but it’s not the only way! Mixing it up can sometimes introduce you to a whole segment of your target audience who may not have found you otherwise. For example, if you have a birdwatching blog and you normally use written words and photos for your blog posts, […] Continue reading »

Why You’re Not Getting Blog Traffic – And 3 Ways To Get Some

  A blog without traffic is like talking to yourself in the mirror. Not that there’s anything wrong with talking to yourself in the mirror. But let’s face it – it gets old quickly. This post is the first in my series on how to get blog traffic. You’ll find the links to the rest of the posts below. Before we get into why your not getting blog traffic, let’s go over what exactly traffic is. Unique visitors: Anyone who is visiting your site for the first time. Visits: How many visits your site received, even if it’s not the first time. Unique Page Views: The number of unique or individual pages a visitor viewed. Page Views: How many pages a visitor viewed while on […] Continue reading »

More Blog Traffic Ideas

Traffic is the lifeblood of a blog. Without it, you’re basically just keeping an online journal for your eyes only. To get your message out to people who can benefit from it, you need visitors and readers – aka traffic. There are so many different ways to get traffic and I recommend trying new methods every so often.  Check out the ideas below and start implementing the ones you’re not using. I’ve written about this topic several times over the last few weeks. Here are the links in case you missed any of them. Previous posts in this series: Why you’re not getting blog traffic and three ways to get some. Six ways to get more blog traffic by thinking outside the box. 7 bloggers […] Continue reading »

7 Bloggers Share Their Best Tips For Getting Blog Traffic

  There are many different ways of getting blog traffic and in this post seven bloggers share their best tips. Last week I wrote Why You’re Not Getting Blog Traffic – And 3 Ways To Get Some and also 6 Ways To Get More Blog Traffic By Thinking Outside The Box. For this post, I want to turn it over to my fellow bloggers so they can share some of their best tips, along with my thoughts for each one.  Do you have a post about blog traffic or have a tip you want to share? Post it in a comment below! Patricia from How Can I Control my Classroom Increase topics for discussion and share articles from other bloggers who are also professional educators. […] Continue reading »