5 Day StumbleUpon Challenge


As a blogger, StumbleUpon can be an effective tool for increasing page views to your blog. If you monetize with sponsored posts or CPM ads, page views are extremely important for your bottom line.

I created the 5 Day StumbleUpon Challenge to give you a starting point to using StumbleUpon on a regular basis. Each day introduces a simple task you can do in 15 minutes a day.

“I’m currently doing the five day challenge and I’m really enjoying it! I’ve learned loads about how to use StumbleUpon properly and it’s the first time I’ve enjoyed using it too rather than feeling like it’s a chore”.
Kate Williams, blogger


I loved the challenge – I learned SO much! I now know how to use StumbleUpon effectively.
Andrea Summers, blogger


I am really enjoying using StumbleUpon now, since I know the best ways to utilize it. It’s not only driven far more traffic to my site, it’s been a great source of inspiration and enjoyment, as I read through the blogs and articles shown to me. Thanks, Joanne for helping me understand it more!
Heather Harris, blogger

Prior to watching the 5 Day Challenge, I was always a little unsure if I was using StumbleUpon properly. I knew from past experience that it could be a great source of traffic but I wondered if I was really utilizing this platform fully. Thanks to Joanne, I now feel more confident when it comes to StumbleUpon and using it as a viable, long term source of traffic.
Kori Tomelden , blogger

Start by watching day one of the challenge below. After that, save this playlist so you can continue on with days two – five. joanne.media/SUvideos You’ll also find some StumbleUpon tutorials in that playlist.

I can’t believe how much I learned from your tutorial – and traffic to my site tripled! StumbleUpon has become my favorite promotion method.
Alicia Taylor, blogger

Want to learn more about StumbleUpon?

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  1. Sophia says:

    Yes I agree. Stumble upon is a great too, especially if you have a really popular post that everyone like you can see your traffic increase.

  2. Jay says:

    Is there any plan of doing such experiment with reddit? Reedit seems like a better resource compared to SU.
    Jay recently posted..Tatkal Passport: How to Get Tatkal Passport Quickly & EasilyMy Profile

  3. Dev Patel says:

    Stumbleupon has been discussed many times as a great source of traffic but I am yet to utilize it to the fullest. Thanks for giving one more reason to try it out.
    Dev Patel recently posted..List of Documents Required for PAN Card ApplicationMy Profile

  4. These were useful and informative tips for Stumble Upon. As a newbie to the “Stumble World” I learned a lot about Stumble Upon and have down to like Stumble Upon more. Thanks Joanne!

  5. Ava says:

    I’m saving this to work on later! I use Stumble Upon some but would love to know how to use it more effectively!
    Ava recently posted..Volcano, CA: Perfect for a Walking TourMy Profile

  6. Cricket says:

    I love StumbleUpon, but it’s a tricky little creature – thanks so much for this challenge!

  7. Thanks – I get a lot of traffic from SU, but didn’t know how to use it effectively!

  8. Thanks!! I saved it to use later. StumbleUpon is an area I need to improve with!!

  9. Thanks for showing this. I keep hearing about StumbleUpon, but have never really gotten into it. Now, I can.

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