Enter To Win: $100 Amazon Or Paypal [ends 3/23]

One of the great things about blogging is collaborating and teaming up with other like-minded bloggers. Blog hops, writing projects and giveaways allow us to meet other bloggers and work together toward a common goal. I’m thrilled to bring you this giveaway that myself and nine other bloggers are co-hosting together. One winner will get $100 in Paypal or Amazon (winner’s choice). How to enter: There are 20 ways to enter, each worth one entry into the giveaway. Do all 20 for 20 entries into this giveaway! If you’re already a follower of an account, claim that entry! This giveaway starts March 10 at midnight EST and ends March 23 at 11:59 PM EST. Entrants must be USA residents and at least 18 years old. […] Continue reading »

#BloggersTalkingAbout Starting Over

Starting a new chapter in your life can be difficult or simple, exhilarating or sad. Most times it’s a combination of feelings which depend on what you’re leaving behind or closing the door on. For me, starting over came in the form of moving out of the city and state that I was born, raised and got married in. Being born and raised in Brooklyn was amazing and I feel so fortunate to have lived the life I did as a child. For those who haven’t grown up in a place like New York City, it’s hard to understand how freakin’ awesome it is to literally have the world in your backyard. When everything comes to you, you get exposed to so many different cultures, […] Continue reading »

#BloggersTalkingAbout Loving Yourself

  When you think about loving yourself, what comes to mind? For me, that always meant accepting myself and having confidence in my abilities and decisions. But in the process of writing this blog post, I’ve questioned if that what it really means. Loving Yourself I was lucky to be raised by a mother who instilled an almost un-shakeable sense of self confidence in me. Looking back she did that by making me feel that my opinions and thoughts were valid and important, which in turn made me trust and accept myself. If someone were to ask me if I love myself, I would answer yes and because I love to help people, I would probably offer some advice on how they could love themselves […] Continue reading »

Twitter Hashtags For Giveaways

Hosting a giveaway on your blog can be an effective & fun way to increase your traffic & social numbers. I organize and co-host many giveaways throughout the year and Twitter is one of the best social sites for getting the work out. People that like entering contests and giveaways, track these hashtags so make sure they see your giveaway! Use different combinations of these Twitter hashtags for giveaways every time you tweet about your giveaway. Tweet at different times to reach more people. I also try to include a hashtag that is currently trending for some extra traction. Look for ones that have days of the week in them, like #GoodSaturday or #SundayMorning. Save this to Pinterest – Continue reading »

How To Create A Gift Guide For Your Blog

  We were discussing how to create a gift guide in Bodacious Bloggers and I decided to make one for my blog, Seasonal Family Fun. In this post I’ll share exactly how I created mine, step by step. If you have any questions please comment below and I’ll do my best to help you. Step 1: Decide on a theme, or topic for your gift guide Your gift guide should reflect the shopping needs of your readers and followers. Who does your blog serve? What gifts would they shop for? Narrow it down because if it’s overly general it may get lost in a sea of other gift guides. Seasonal Family Fun is for families with children but instead of creating a guide with gifts […] Continue reading »