Epcot #WordlessWednesday

Epcot is an interesting mix of fun, education and awesomeness. When we had season passes for Walt Disney World we spent a lot of time at this park. For today’s Wordless Wednesday, I wanted to share some photos (these are just a few – I have tons more) from around Epcot. My daughter at the Kidcot station. There’s one in every family. In our family, it’s my husband Billy.  lol Continue reading »

Animal Kingdom #WordlessWednesday

We had season passes for Walt Disney World in Orlando for a couple of years and one of our favorite parks was Animal Kingdom.  I want to share some photos for today’s Wordless Wednesday. Have you ever been to Animal Kingdom? Bloggers! Share the link to your Wordless Wednesday post in the Mister Linky below. Tree Of Life DiVine brings beauty and grace to Animal Kingdom Primeval Whirl Exhibition Everest Continue reading »

Local Classic Cars #WordlessWednesday

I didn’t realize how many people in my area own classic cars until I started taking pictures of them. After gathering them together, I knew it would make the perfect Wordless Wednesday post. Do you have a Wordless Wednesday post up this week? Link to it in the Mister Linky below so we can all visit!   Continue reading »

Ditalini With Lentils

This is one of my favorite lunches and it’s my go-to when I’m pressed for time because it’s easy and fast. 1. Cook about a cup of ditalini pasta. 2. Drain and return to pot. 3. Open a can of lentil soup (I use Progresso), add it to the pasta and mix. 4. I keep it on the burner for a few minutes (turned off) so the soup heats up a little, but the heat from the pasts usually does most of the work. 5. Add salt and pepper to taste. 6. Enjoy with breadsticks, salad, sandwiches or alone. Continue reading »