Meet My 19 Year Old Iguana

For today’s Wordless Wednesday, I want to introduce you to my iguana Buddie. She’s a 19-year-old (she’ll be 19 on the 4th of July) female green iguana. We’ve had her since she was a year old and she’s had quite the adventurous life. Bloggers! Do you have a Wordless Wednesday post this week? Add the link below so we can visit!   In this photo, the surgeon is showing us Buddie’s stitches after her spaying. Continue reading »

Reflections On The Past Decade Of My Life

Bodacious Bloggers is having a summer blog hop! May’s prompt was to take us on a tour of where you live – check that out here! This month’s prompt is to recap highlights from the last decade of your life. Bloggers! We’d love to have you join our blog hop (it goes until August). Just click here to join our blogging group. The last ten years have been a mix of awesomeness, heartbreak, joy, and sadness. There were several moments and experiences that stand out and I’m happy to share them with you here. At the very beginning of this past decade, we were a year into an amazing unschooling journey. We had adopted three children two years earlier (they were 5, 8 and 11), […] Continue reading »

Top Ten Things That Cheer Me Up

I do my best to stay grounded in happiness and gratefulness. Keeping my focus on the good things in my life have helped me through some dark moments. Even though I have so much to be grateful for, there are times I need some cheering up. I’m joining Belinda on Day 18 of her Blog Every Day In May challenge and today’s prompt is to list ten things that always cheer you up when you’re down. Here’s my ten! Change of scenery – going someplace else even for a few hours is a great distraction. Sometimes it’s just the thing to take my mind off what’s bothering me. My husband’s silliness – Billy is a total goofball and always makes me laugh. My dog – […] Continue reading »

April: As Seen On Instagram | Wordless Wednesday

Bloggers – if you have a Wordless Wednesday post this week, please share it in the Mister Linky below so we can visit!    For this week’s Wordless Wednesday, I’d like to share some of my Instagram photos from this past month. If you’re on Instagram, you can follow me at and I will follow you back.  Do Small Things With Great Love Pinky’s First Easter My leopard bag of post-it notes My dog Mini’s Sweet 16 Birthday More pictures of Mini’s birthday here. My grandparents, Marco + Maggie Armato | 1967 Continue reading »

Happy Sweet 16 To My Dog Mini

Today is my baby Mini’s 16th birthday! We got her when she was six weeks old, along with her sister TJ who was my mother’s dog. She’s the best companion and friend anyone could ask for and we just love her so much! She’s super smart, very protective, loving and totally pampered. So since it’s her sweet 16, I did what any good dog owner would do. I bought some doggie ice cream and we had a party.     Then we took some birthday pictures in front of her Sweet 16 Princess banner, but Mini was more interested in the camera than posing.   Please don’t mind her messy haircut. She had an ‘episode’ at the groomer and now we have to groom her […] Continue reading »