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My Week In Food Photos

For this week’s Wordless Wednesday, I want to share some food photos from this past week. If you have a Wordless Wednesday post up this week, share it in the link below so we can visit your blog and check it out! My daughter Jacqueline’s 17th birthday cake!! I posted this muffin recipe on Seasonal Family Fun. My husband Billy made this for dinner and it was delicious!! Wild caught shrimp with organic carrots and mushrooms. I’ll post the recipe soon. My sons first attempt at using the waffle maker. My daughter made these peanut butter cookies! I’ll post the recipe soon. An InLinkz Link-up Continue reading »

Ditalini With Lentils

This is one of my favorite lunches and it’s my go-to when I’m pressed for time because it’s easy and fast. 1. Cook about a cup of ditalini pasta. 2. Drain and return to pot. 3. Open a can of lentil soup (I use Progresso), add it to the pasta and mix. 4. I keep it on the burner for a few minutes (turned off) so the soup heats up a little, but the heat from the pasts usually does most of the work. 5. Add salt and pepper to taste. 6. Enjoy with breadsticks, salad, sandwiches or alone. Continue reading »

3 Fall Desserts To Try Before Winter

  If you have a Wordless Wednesday post for this week, add it to the linky below so we can come visit!   For this week’s Wordless Wednesday here are three desserts that are perfect for this time of year! The recipes are linked below each photo and were orginally posted on my other blog, Seasonal Family Fun.   Cranberry Pumpkin Muffins   Pecan Squares   2 Bite Turtle Cups   Continue reading »

Cinnamon Rolls From Panera

I haven’t been going to Panera as much as I usually do because I don’t want to gain any weight before my daughter’s sweet 16 party, but the last time I went this is what I ordered. I looooooove their cinnamon rolls – and with a cup of tea (regular tea, milk and sugar) it’s divine. Continue reading »

Flatbread Pizza From Chili’s

I love pizza! Growing up in Brooklyn we had the best pizza around. With places like L&B Spumoni Gardens and Lenny’s Pizza on 86th Street, we never had a shortage of delicious pizza. When we moved to Florida I was disappointed in the pizza at first, but over the years I have found some pizzerias that serve pizza like I remember. One is owned by a guy from Brooklyn and the other is from Italy. My husband & I went to Chili’s for dinner one night and ordered their flatbread pizza. To be honest, i wasn’t expecting much. I ordered the Margherita Flatbread and he ordered the Chipotle Chicken Flatbread. It was delicious! The cheese on the Margherita was smooth and creamy and the sauce […] Continue reading »