Instagram Loop Tips For Bloggers

Instagram giveaway loops can be a fantastic way for bloggers to increase their follower count. In this post, I’ll explain what an Instagram Loop is and show you an example of one that I organized. I’ll also share some ideas on promoting your loop so more people know about it! What is an Instagram Loop? An Instagram Loop is a giveaway thats hosted on Instagram, instead of on your blog. Each co-host links to the next Instagram account forming a loop. Participants go through the loop, following each account to enter the giveaway. I usually run my loops for one week and take 10 bloggers. We each chip in $10 and the prize is $100 Paypal or Amazon gift card. Example of an Instagram Loop […] Continue reading »

The Bloggers Guide To Using StumbleUpon

Hi friends! If you know me from some of the blogging groups on Facebook, or maybe you’re in mine, you probably know I love StumbleUpon. It can be a great source of traffic for your blog, but StumbleUpon can also be used to find great content to share with your readers and followers. Stumble Upon has the potential to bring consistent traffic to your blog and put your content in front of people who want to see it! As bloggers that’s what we hope for every time we publish a blog post. I’ve been a StumbleUpon user since 2007 and over the years I’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. I wrote The Bloggers Guide To using StumbleUpon to fill in the […] Continue reading »

6 Ways To Get More Blog Traffic By Thinking Outside The Box

Sure, the ‘tried and true’ methods work but don’t dismiss some ‘outside the box’ ways of to get more blog traffic. A couple of days ago I wrote a post about why you’re not getting blog traffic and the feedback was great. I decided to write a follow-up and include some not-so-common methods of building blog traffic. 1. Use another form of media Using written words to publish a blog post may be the most common way, but it’s not the only way! Mixing it up can sometimes introduce you to a whole segment of your target audience who may not have found you otherwise. For example, if you have a birdwatching blog and you normally use written words and photos for your blog posts, […] Continue reading »

Content Marketing For Bloggers

Note from Joanne: I’m very excited to have a guest blogger on Life With Joanne today. Amy Zellmer is a Creative Coach and is here to share her thoughts and advice on content marketing for bloggers. One of the biggest mistakes I see new bloggers make is not having an opt-in offer for their audience. This opt-in gives you their email address in exchange for some type of content from you, your “freebie”. An example of a freebie might be an ebook, a pdf worksheet, a podcast, a video series, etc. This method of list building is called “Content Marketing”. It is critical that you start building your list of followers in order to keep in touch with them. Five or so years ago, readers would […] Continue reading »

Why You’re Not Getting Blog Traffic – And 3 Ways To Get Some

  A blog without traffic is like talking to yourself in the mirror. Not that there’s anything wrong with talking to yourself in the mirror. But let’s face it – it gets old quickly. This post is the first in my series on how to get blog traffic. You’ll find the links to the rest of the posts below. Before we get into why your not getting blog traffic, let’s go over what exactly traffic is. Unique visitors: Anyone who is visiting your site for the first time. Visits: How many visits your site received, even if it’s not the first time. Unique Page Views: The number of unique or individual pages a visitor viewed. Page Views: How many pages a visitor viewed while on […] Continue reading »