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Some Of My Favorite Ornaments

  Bloggers – if you have a Wordless Wednesday post for this week, please add it to the link up below so we can visit.   For this week’s Wordless Wednesday post, I want to share some of my favorite Christmas ornaments!   Have you ever seen anything so cute?   This is an ornament we got the year we adopted our children.   KISS!   This was a gift from a dance student when I had my dance studio in NYC.   Continue reading »

Christmas Tree {2014}

We put our tree up a few days ago and my favorite part is definitely the ornament lights. They add so much brightness to the tree. Do you have your tree up yet? I’d love to see a picture so add the link in a comment below. Continue reading »

Corners Of My Home: Kitchen Stand With Fountain

This edition of Corners Of My Home is from my kitchen/dining area. I bought this metal stand in a local discount store several years ago. The two baskets hold the mismatched cloth napkins that we’ve accumulated over the years. We use them for daily meals instead of paper napkins. There is an asian inspired water fountain at the top. It was one of the first things I picked up when we bought out home. I love the delicate sound of a water fountain and it brings a peacefulness to the room. Continue reading »

Living Room Floor Redo {before}

For the last year, we’ve been considering taking up our living room rug and replacing it. Ever since we got our cats, my allergies have been out of control so we decided to rip up the rug even though we’re not ready to put down a new floor. The before photo was taken after removing some items so the room looks emptier than usual. The second photo shows the concrete floor. Stay tuned for updates! Continue reading »

Corners Of My Home: Backyard Fountain & Statues

Corners of my home will be a not-so-regular feature on my blog. I’d love to check out a corner of your home, so feel free to leave your link in a comment below. This beautiful fountain came with our home when we bought it. I’ve loved it from the second I saw it. It reminds me of the water bearer symbol for Aquarius, which I am. The entire thing is made of concrete and is very heavy and sturdy. Sometimes we put food coloring in the water and it looks awesome! The boy and girl swinging, and the cherub laying down belonged to my mother and they are both very special to me. She loved her outdoor spaces and spent more time there than indoors. […] Continue reading »